The 4 Most Popular Cocktails to Order in Bout Time Pub and Grub

From margaritas to Moscow mules, we've got it all! Here are our most popular cocktails people love to order at Bout Time Pub & Grub.

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Sports bars aren’t all beer and shots! Well, at least ours isn’t. We made our drink menu to cater to everyone who walks through our door, including sports fanatics and their family/friends. 

But don’t take it from us! Instead, read up on the Bout Time Pub and Grub Cocktails that we make most often below. 

1. Moscow Mule 

You either love a Moscow Mule, or you hate it. There aren’t many people who are in between on this copper-mug classic. You may not know that this drink is what brought Vodka to popularity in the US, as opposed to eastern Europe, where it gets its name. 

A classic mule contains vodka, ginger beer, ice, and lime. Our classic mule is still one of the most popular choices at Bout Time, but we like to give people options. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make it fruity with peach vodka (A Peach Mule) or make it all-American with Jack Daniels’ instead of vodka.

Feeling even spicier? Make it a Tennesee Fire Mule with Jack Daniel’s version of cinnamon whiskey. The combination of the cinnamon and the ginger beer makes this a fun, warm, and comforting cocktail. 

Or better yet, make it a goal to try them all as a devout Pub and Grub patron! 

2. Grape Lime Rickey 

Some drinks get their names from where they’re from (see above), while others get their names from what’s in them, like our house favorite Grape Lime Rickey. This cocktail is both sweet and sour, making it the perfect thing to take the edge off of a long day. 

It’s fruity without being girly and one of our most-ordered drinks. Our Rickey’s include Three Olives Grape flavored vodka, gape pucker, lemon-lime soda, and freshly-squeezed lime juice. 

If you loved grape soda as a kid, you’ll love this version all-dressed up in a cocktail glass. Pairs perfectly with a jumbo soft pretzel. 

3. Dragon’s Nectar 

Looking for something that is a vacation in a cup? Dragon’s Nectar will make you feel like you’re at the beach and give you a kick to get through those late-night games with a splash of Red Bull. 

Think of it as a grown-up fruit punch meets a Red Bull and vodka. It’s the perfect drink to start the evening when you’re in for a long match or want to hold out all night for a late-night fight. 

Careful though, this drink is so good, it goes down fast! 

4. Bout Time Freshest Margarita

Looking for something that’s not going to push you over your calories for the day but is more exciting than a vodka soda? Our house margarita is made “skinny” with El Jimador Silver, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, and agave nectar for the perfect sweetness. 

Paired with our Queso or Stuffed Jalapenos, it’s perfection. 

Bout Time Pub and Grub Cocktails

Now that you’ve taken a look at our most popular cocktails, what are you waiting for? Come on down and try our best drinks, then see which of these is your favorite. 

Bout Time Pub and Grub cocktails turn a good night into a great night. Come and see

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