5 Pizzas to Enjoy with Your Favorite Sport 

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By Heather King

What’s better than enjoying a delicious pizza while watching your favorite game? Nothing beats the perfect combo of a hot, cheesy slice in one hand and a fist-pumping celebration in the other. 

Pizza is an excellent food for watching sports because it is easy to eat, share with friends, and makes everyone happy. You can customize it to suit your taste buds, whether you like it healthy, crispy, or cheesy. 

With more TVs than pizza toppings, you can indulge in our hand-tossed pizzas while watching your favorite team any day of the week. We’ve got something for every pizza lover out there, so here are a few of our game-time favorites. 

Bout Time House Special

This pizza is an all-time classic and keeps just about everyone at the table satisfied. Loaded with pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, and peppers, it’s equal parts filling and flavorful. Bite into crunchy vegetables and mouth-watering meats as you cheer on the Utah Jazz, Utes, or your favorite NFL team. 


That stands for Name Your Own Pizza, and you can take the Bout Time House Special and build on it or take away from it. This one is all about everything you like, starting with the Bout Time cheese blend and hand-stretched dough. From there, pick your sauce (either traditional or ranch) and then add your toppings (proteins, veggies, or fruit) for $.50 each after the first 2. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza

The BBQ Chicken pizza is a fan favorite of many patrons because it combines the smoky and juicy taste of BBQ chicken with the gooey, melted cheese and crispy crust of a perfect pizza. We’ve found the ideal balance between the smoky BBQ sauce and the tangy tomato sauce with just a kick of spice is perfect. The key ingredient, of course, is the BBQ chicken that’s flavored and grilled before being generously spread around the pizza. If you like, you can sprinkle a smattering of blue cheese crumbles or add a dollop of ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing, or some hot red pepper flakes to add additional depth to your pizza as you enjoy the game with friends.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Some think that our Buffalo Chicken pizza should only be eaten while watching a Buffalo Bills game, but we won’t turn down your order whenever you want to enjoy this hot sauce-coated delight invented in Buffalo, NY, in the 1960s. This pizza is a fun way to get all the flavor of spicy and buttery chicken wings with less mess! It’s hard to beat the combination of spicy Buffalo sauce balanced perfectly by the creamy, tangy blue cheese dressing. So take a bite of this culinary masterpiece, combining the best of Buffalo chicken and pizza into one tasty package. 

Margherita Flat Bread Pizza

The Margherita pizza is a classic pizza that’s stood the test of time with pizza lovers worldwide. Invented in the late 19th century in the city of Naples, Italy, as a tribute to the queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, a local pizza maker decided to represent the colors of the Italian flag (red, white, and green) using mozzarella cheese, ripe tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves. The simple and clean flavors accented with salt and olive oil are presented on a Neapolitan-style thin, soft, and chewy crust. 

Using high-quality, fresh ingredients makes this pizza both refreshing and satisfying. The sweet and tangy tomatoes provide acidity to offset the creamy cheese, while the basil adds a fresh and aromatic touch that complements the other ingredients perfectly. Whether you’re watching a basketball game or a soccer match, the Margherita pizza will always be a crowd-pleaser.

Pizza is a Slam Dunk

Let’s face it: pizza and sports are a winning combination, no matter who’s playing. It’s a global phenomenon that has become a part of our everyday lives. Like sports, pizza isn’t just a meal. It’s a symbol of community, culture, and tradition. So come down to your nearest neighborhood location and get in on the action with game-friendly slices and all the live-action sports you can stomach. 

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