5 Wimbledon Facts That Might Surprise You

Are you interested in learning about some surprising Wimbledon facts? Read about them here in this brief overview of the prestigious tennis tournament.

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Did you know that almost 900 thousand people watched Wimbledon on average in 2019? The tennis championship is popular for people to view on television or even in person.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Wimbledon history and other details? Here are some Wimbledon facts that will give you a great introduction to the prestigious sports competition.

1. It’s The World’s Oldest Tennis Tournament

The first Wimbledon tournament occurred in 1877, meaning the competition is almost 150 years old. However, unlike today’s professionals, the 21 tennis players were amateurs.

The All England Lawn Club was founded less than a decade before for croquet. The entrance fee was one pound and one shilling.

2. Wimbledon Uses Grass Courts

When you go to play tennis, you may think of clay or blacktop courts. However, one of the most unique Wimbledon facts is that the courts are made of grass.

On a grass court, the tennis ball is much more likely to have a consistent bounce. However, the ball has less bounce due to the softer material and also goes lower.

Wimbledon stands out from other competitions because it encourages volleying with the grass courts, making the game more engaging for viewers.

3. The Competition is Two Weeks Long

Rather than a single-day event, Wimbledon takes place in a series of games over two weeks. These include men’s and women’s singles and doubles categories as well.

Many people visit local bars and pubs with their friends for drinks and delicious food during their favorite matches. But, by far, the most popular games to view are the championship rounds.

4. Centre Court is the Most Popular

Of course, any court at any tournament gets attention. For Wimbledon, the Center Court is your best bet if you want to see the most action and fanfare.

The top events occur in the Centre Court, including the finals for every category. However, tickets for the Centre Court also have the highest price tag.

5. A Substantial Cash Reward for Winners

One of the biggest draws of Wimbledon is, no doubt, the cash prize. The winner will bank two million pounds in prize money for the championship.

Even if you are a finalist, you can expect to make about half that for making it to the final round.

Think About These Wimbledon Facts

If you want to attend Wimbledon, you should know about these key Wimbledon facts before you go to the tournament. With your knowledge of Wimbledon history, you can have an even more educated viewpoint on all things related to the famous tennis competition.

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