March Madness Predictions

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March Madness is almost upon us this year, and with it comes the always-popular brackets that will likely pop up in our social circles and workplace discussions. These brackets are good fun (and not a bad way to bring home some extra cash), so they’re well worth joining.

However, if you haven’t been keeping up with college basketball, you might not feel secure in making some strong guesses this year. If you’re trying to secure your March Madness predictions, it’s best to get up to date with who the current favorites are. 

What do you need to know? What’s the latest in college sports? Read on, and we’ll walk you through the basics.

Whom Not To Include In Your Bracket

Choosing an eventual March Madness winner is always challenging, even for those well-versed in basketball. That’s part of the fun of the tournament – you never know what might happen.

What’s a little easier to predict possibly is who might be out of the competition early on. There are certain teams where it’s obvious this is a building year, and they’re not well positioned for serious competition. 

This year, there are four that many sports analysts agree you likely won’t see progressing too far. That would be Utah State, LSU, Wake Forest, and Southern California. 

These teams have performed poorly over the past season, with LSU slipping out of the rankings most recently.

Again, you never can predict who might be able to pull off a comeback… but smart money says you won’t put your weight behind these teams this year. 

Predicted Winners and Powerhouses

Let’s look at four teams that many analysts feel strongly about. Recently, NCAA’s Andy Katz put his push behind Kansas, Houston, Purdue, and Alabama as his four favorites this spring. 

Houston and Purdue ranked number one in the AP Poll this season, though Purdue’s recent loss to Rutgers pushed the Cougars to the top spot. 

These teams all collectively have only lost once or twice this season.

They are clearly primed, ready, and gunning to go for gold this March. They are the teams you’ll want to tune in and watch closely after completing your bracket.

They could go all the way – keep an eye on our events page for fun opportunities to come cheer on your favorites. 

March Madness Predictions for 2023

If you’re looking to make a strong bracket for this year’s March Madness, you’ll want to be well-versed in the current standings of the college basketball leagues. The above information can help fill you in on what teams have performed well this season – and which haven’t. 

Remember, these are just predictions! No one knows for sure what will happen once the action begins. 

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