Organizations Bout Time Supports and Loves

At Bout Time, we pride ourselves on supporting organizations to make the world a better place. Learn about the organizations Bout Time supports here.

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Did you know that the non-profit sector is the 3rd largest employer in the US? Between just Colorado and Utah, there are over thirty thousand non-profit organizations!

What if you could support these organizations every time you eat out? We all know that they do amazing work and that funding can be a nightmare. So why not do whatever we can to help them?

Bout Time Pub & Grub Sports Bar believes in supporting local organizations, and we do so through our charitable programs. Keep reading to find out which organizations Bout Time supports so you can also support them!

Organizations Bout Time Pub & Grub Sports Bar Supports

The world is an incredible place with many organizations that deserve support. This is a small list of some of the places that Bout Time believes in. We strongly believe in making the world a better place, and these organizations are doing their part.

Row4 ALS Foundation

Five intrepid rowers have taken on the monumental challenge of rowing more than three thousand miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua.

Alan Alderman, one of the rowers, has this to say about this historic event:

“My personal goal is to show that a diagnosis of ALS is not the end but the beginning of a journey that has challenges and many great blessings. ALS may end my life, but it will not destroy  it!”

grueling journey across the Atlantic; this kind of opportunity doesn’t come up very often. We are honored to sponsor this fantastic team.

University of Utah Clinical Neurosciences Clinic

The Clinical Neurosciences Center gives neuroradiology, neurology, and neurosurgery services to many in Salt Lake City and beyond. Their aim is to treat diseases as early as possible, focusing on everything from common migraines all the way up to ALS and beyond.

Early diagnosis and treatment are essential – many neurological issues can be avoided altogether if caught early enough.

Children’s Tumor Foundation

The Children’s Tumor Foundation passionately believes in creating a world without NF. What’s NF, you say? Neurofibromatosis (NF) causes tumors to grow along nerves all over the body. Three distinct disorders fall under the NF umbrella. You can learn more about them on the organization’s website.

Every cent donated to this worthy organization goes towards making the world a better place, something we can get behind!

Pats (Tillman) Run

Pats Run is the main fundraiser for the Pat Tillman Foundation’s Tillman Scholars program. Taking place this year in Tempe. Arizona on 23 April 2022, the run helps to further the foundation’s mission.

The Pat Tillman Foundation’s mission is to bring military service members, veterans, and spouses together and help them become the next generation of public and private sector leaders.

Utah Veterans Alliance

So often, when public funding is being handed out, Veterans are at the back of the line. Though many organizations help out our veterans, the Utah Veterans Alliance works specifically for Utah Heroes.

They provide ongoing support for military members in need and are a worthy addition to the list of organizations that Bout Time supports.

Support the World, Get Great Food

Now that you know a little about some of the organizations’ Bout Time supports, it’s time to help us support them. We work hard to make the world a better place, and we also make great food to go along with it!

So come on down to one of our locations in Utah or Colorado and see what real food and a neighborhood vibe feels like.

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