World Series Trivia and History

If you thought you knew everything about the World Series, think again! Read on for fun World Series trivia and history.

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There’s nothing better than great friends, amazing food, and sports trivia!

In fact, this is the ultimate combo for a good time. Fortunately, ‘Bout Time Pub & Grub provides the perfect place to enjoy all three.

When it comes to sports trivia, it’s hard to beat baseball. And there’s no event in baseball that fans love to talk about more than the World Series. Here we take a look at 6 World Series trivia facts that only the biggest baseball fans will know. So stick around and test your knowledge of the history of the World Series to see how you stack up against your family and friends! 

1. Who are the Current World Champions?

Millions of people watch the World Series every single year, but that doesn’t mean they remember what team won the most recent series. In this case, the reigning 2021 World Champions happen to be the Atlanta Braves from Atlanta, Georgia.

2. Who Holds the Record for Most Championships?

Do you know which MLB team holds the record for the most World Championships? Even a new baseball fan should be able to guess the name of this team without much trouble. But for those who need a little help, the answer is: The New York Yankees.

Believe it or not, the Yankees have appeared in 40 championship series, winning an astounding 27 times.

3. How Many Teams Have Won the World Series?

Now let’s look at how many teams have won the World Series.

Drumroll, please: a total of 117 World Series have been played, with the AL winning 66 and the NL winning 51. This statistic includes the current champs, the Atlanta Braves.

4. What Pitcher Has the Most Strikeouts in a Single Game?

Here’s the toughest trivia question so far: what pitcher holds the record for the most strikeouts in the World Series, and what year did he achieve it? The answer: Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals struck out 17 Detroit Tigers on October 2nd, 1968.

That means his record has now stood for 54 years.

5. What was the First World Series Ever Played?

The answer to our next trivia question is perhaps the least-known among baseball facts. The first World Series game was played on December 28, 1902. But it wasn’t a baseball game. It was actually a professional football game.

6. Who Is the Only Player With Three MVP Titles?

This is the toughest question on our list. What player has won 3 World Series MVP rewards, and in what years did he win them? No one!

Reggie Jackson and Sandy Koufax each won the World Series MVP title twice, but no MLB player has ever won it 3 times.

The Ultimate World Series Trivia Quiz

It’s no secret why baseball is called America’s Game. That’s because it’s a purely American sport that continues to grow in popularity every year. Fortunately, this guide to some of the toughest World Series trivia questions will help take your enjoyment of the game to the next level.

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