All about Super Bowl LVIII: A Guide for Football Fans

By Heather King

The countdown to Super Bowl LVIII is on! The annual matchup of the best team from the AFC and NFC are set to meet in Las Vegas this Sunday, February 11 at 4:30 pm MT. It’s the one football event of the year when families, friends, and even rivals perch on the edge of their seats for the game, the halftime performance, and the commercials. Because the Super Bowl isn’t just another championship football game, it’s a cultural phenomenon that captures the spirit of competition and festivity across America.

History of the Super Bowl

The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs will certainly look to flip the outcome this year. But since that first annual collision of the best NFL teams, the final Sunday game of football has become synonymous with not only athletic prowess but also American culture itself—practically becoming a national holiday in its own right. 

Road to Super Bowl LVIII

The road to Super Bowl LVIII has been paved with highs and lows, thrilling comebacks, and heart-wrenching defeats. Each team has fought valiantly, pushing past every defeat, to earn the opportunity to play in Allegiant Stadium. Plenty of matchups could decide the outcome of this very close game. 

Yet Super Bowl LVIII isn’t just about the players on the field; it’s about the legions of fans who live and breathe their team’s colors. From hardcore fans whose rituals and superstitions could determine the winner to the fan whose team was long-since eliminated but still enjoys the sheer love of the game.

Food and Snacks for Super Bowl 

No Super Bowl experience is complete without the feast. From Buffalo wings and nachos to themed desserts, food is sure to be the big winner of everyone’s Super Bowl Sunday. While the epic clash unfolds on the screen, ensure your table is stacked with mouth-watering touchdowns of its own.

Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

The halftime show has grown to rival the game itself in spectacle and excitement. With a history of performances from mega superstars, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a performance platform like no other. Usher will grace the stage this year, and you can only guess what surprises might be in store. Basically everything is a prop bet given the setting in Vegas this year.

Super Bowl Commercials

For those watching the big game for something other than football, it’s got to be the commercials. A 30-second spot costs millions for advertisers, and for good reason, Super Bowl commercials are often as eagerly anticipated as the game itself. They make us laugh, they make us think, and sometimes they become the stuff of legend. 

May the Best Team Win

As Super Bowl LVIII draws near, let’s revel in the anticipation for the game. Whether you’re cheering for the 49ers, the Chiefs, Taylor Swift, Usher, or the Budweiser Clydesdales, this Sunday’s game will be filled with moments to celebrate. No matter what you’re watching for: the thrill of the competition, the spectacular halftime show, or the groundbreaking commercials, there’s something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday.

So, grab your jerseys, order your snacks, and get ready to witness greatness. It’s time for Super Bowl LVIII. Whether you’re cheering from the stands, your living room, or our nearest neighborhood location, the spirit of the Super Bowl is about celebrating the game we love, together. 

Celebrating the Best Sports Moments of 2023 

by Heather King

It’s that time of year to look back and celebrate the best sports moments of 2023! The year 2023 was one to remember, from epic comebacks to unforgettable displays of brilliance. These breath-holding moments captured our hearts and minds, and played a significant role in shaping our love for the game. We’ll always remember where we were when…. Now, as we take a look back at the most unforgettable sports moments of 2023 that kept us on the edge of our seats, we’re thrilled to remember these unbelievable games with you.

College Football Playoff Championship: Georgia versus TCU 

January 2023 can be defined as domination season for the Georgia Bulldogs. They finished the season 15-0 and repeated as national champions. Even after losing 15 players to the NFL in 2022, they literally ate the TCU Horned Frogs for dinner in a 66-7 win for the title. It’s a margin that stands as the largest title game victory in modern college football history. Aside from scoring more points in the game than any other during the season, the Dawgs racked up records—the least of which involved scoring 1.1 points per minute. 

2023 NBA Championship: Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat 

The 2023 NBA Championship battle between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat was a historic one. While the Nuggets hadn’t won the playoffs since 1976, Miami was coming off a championship win just two years prior, and fans everywhere were ready to see who could really take it all to the hoop. Throughout the six-game series, the Nuggets eventually proved to play 5,280 feet higher than everyone else but not before we were treated to some incredible championship series moments. 

The Nuggets put on a show starting with the game 1 overtime thriller. Thanks to a dominant performance from Nikola Jokic who scored 36 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, and dished out nine assists to lead the Nuggets to victory.

The triple-double duel in game 3 lead to a high-scoring affair with players from both teams finishing with triple-doubles.

Down 2-1 by game 4, the Heat needed to bring it to stay in the series. With the game tied in the closing seconds, Miami’s Jimmy Butler drove to the basket and hit a layup as time expired to keep Miami’s championship hopes alive heading into Game 5.

The Nuggets were just one win away from their first championship in nearly 50 years, and they turned to their star player once again. Jokic put up yet another dominant performance, scoring 32 points and grabbing 20 rebounds on his way to being named the Finals MVP. Denver won the game 107-99, securing their first championship since 1976.

Accolades Earned in NFL Football, Grand Slam Tennis, Formula 1, and NBA Basketball

Super Bowl 57 saw Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes lead his team to a second win in just 4 years. Mahomes also earned his second MVP award, at least partly due to his stellar performance even while playing with an injured ankle through the fourth quarter. 

Novak Djokovic broke the tennis Grand Slam record with 24 titles after he won Roland Garros and secured number one in the world. 

Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen won his third Formula 1 World Championship after driving in 19 wins, landing on the podium 21 times, earning 10 consecutive wins, and scoring the most points in a season with 575.

LeBron James surpassed the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with 38,388 points on February 8. 

Raise a Glass to the Memories

Great sports moments are more than just the tournaments, games, and competitions. It’s often the herculean efforts of individual players, intricate teamwork, and the sport, spirit, and passion on display when it’s down to the wire. When we watch our favorite players in the zone, their athleticism and sporting talent keeps us entertained and thrilled. These are the moments that will continue to inspire us for years to come.

So don’t miss a moment of 2024, head over to your nearest neighborhood location and celebrate your favorite moments with us!

Kickoff College Football Season with Your Favorite Rivalries

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to gear up for one of the most exciting times of the year – college football season! More than just a game, college football is a chance for students, alums, and supporters to come together and cheer for your team, and your state and keep your team’s spirit alive. 

We know how much you love college football, and we’re ready to help you enjoy every game to the fullest and feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. From game-day specials to big-screen TVs, we’ve got you covered to see every interception and celebrate every touchdown.

Let’s kick this season off right!

The Holy War: A Utah Football Rivalry for the Ages

No rivalry in Utah includes more passion, intensity, and legacy than The Holy War. The rivalry between the University of Utah (Utes) and Brigham Young University (BYU Cougars) has raged since 1896. The teams have now met 101 times, with Utah leading in all-time wins (although the teams differ on exactly how many wins the Utes claim). 

The rivalry between the Utes and the Cougars is not just about football. It’s a symbol of the state’s divided loyalties and a reflection of the passionate fan base that college football creates. 

BYU fans will remember the 1984 season when the Cougars won the national championship led by the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Steve Young. The Cougars’ triumph cemented their status as the premier football team in the state, and it took the Utes several years to bounce back. 

And then, in 2008, the Utes went undefeated in the regular season and earned a trip to the Sugar Bowl, where they trounced Alabama. The Utes’ triumph in the Sugar Bowl was a break-out moment for the team and set the stage for future successes – including back-to-back appearances in the Rose Bowl. 

The Holy War is on hiatus in 2023 as the teams prepare to meet again in the Big 12 conference, but there are plenty of games to be played by both teams – and all your favorite teams.

Super Bowl Predictions and Memorable Moments From Past Super Bowls

Sports fans across the country are practicing their rallying cheers and dusting off their good luck charms. On Sunday, February 12, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head in American football’s most anticipated game of the year.

Before the game’s competitors were set, 14 teams gave their all in the playoffs trying to secure that top spot. The rest of us will start making our own predictions over beer and nachos with our friends. 

Keep reading for our predictions and memorable moments from past Super Bowls to get you amped for gameday!

Some of the Coolest Super Bowl Moments

In 1987, a long-standing football game tradition was born. The NY Giants knocked out the Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos. In their gleeful celebration, the team members showered Coach Parcells with Gatorade! 

Possibly the wildest comeback in sports history happened in 2017 when the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead over the Patriots. The Patriots nailed every point they needed to tie up the game and went into the first-ever Super Bowl OT. Final score: 34-28, Pats.

Not trying to give all of the attention to the Giants, but we’d be remiss not to mention David Tyree in this convo. In 2008, much to everyone’s astonishment, he pulled off the most incredible catch ever. Surrounded by fierce opponents, Tyree caught the ball securely between his hand and helmet!

One of the biggest blunders in football history happened during the 1973 Super Bowl. Washington nearly sealed a 17-0 win at the end of an impressive 17-0 season. They were “this close,” but kicker Garo Yepremian’s kick was blocked! He tried to salvage it with a terrible pass, but the Dolphins intercepted it and scored a touchdown instead.

Super Bowl Predictions for 2023

People get a little crazy with their Super Bowl predictions sometimes. They’ll bet on the color of the winning team’s QB’s socks if you let them. We’re not going that far, but we do have ideas about who’s going all the way this year. 

In this year’s Big Game, we think the Chiefs will dump the Gatorade and bring home the Lombardi trophy. What do you think? Click here to register for our Bout Time Football Pick ‘Em Challenge and make your own Super Bowl predictions.

Get the Best Seats in the House This Year

Hey, we get it… You’d rather be at the stadium in your team colors during the big game. Us too. But when you can’t be there to catch this year’s Super Bowl memorable moments in person, we’ve got the next best thing.

At Bout Time Pub and Grub, we’ve got more screens than tables —and we’ve got a lot of tables. Every year we have a blast serving up hot eats, ice-cold beer, and excellent craft cocktails. 

Come down to get a table early on gameday. And bring your Super Bowl predictions with you because we love a good old-fashioned competition between friends. Check out our events page to join us for fun any other time!

Rose Bowl History and Trivia Quizz

The Rose Bowl Game is the oldest bowl game in college football history – and this year’s Rose Bowl Game is just around the corner. The game takes place on New Year’s Day each year, and 2023 is no exception.

Are you hosting a watch party for this year’s showdown between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Utah Utes? Then you may be looking for the top Rose Bowl games to play with your friends and family.

This Rose Bowl trivia quiz is a great way to start the watch party. Or you can test your Rose Bowl knowledge! Take our quiz below.

Question 1: What Is the Rose Bowl Game’s Nickname?

Answer: The Grandaddy of Them All

Sports enthusiasts call the Rose Bowl Game by this nickname because it is the oldest bowl game. The first one took place in 1902. The runner-up for this honor is the Sun Bowl, which has taken place in El Paso, TX, since 1935.

Question 2: Where Does the Rose Bowl Game Take Place?

Answer: The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA

The Rose Bowl Stadium gets its name from the bowl game that takes place there each year. But give yourself some bonus points if you know that the Rose Bowl Game hasn’t always taken place in the Rose Bowl Stadium!

Before the Rose Bowl Stadium’s construction, the eponymous bowl game took place in Tournament Park. The Rose Bowl Game took place at Tournament Park from 1916 until the construction of the Rose Bowl Stadium finished in 1922.

Question 3: Which Teams Played in the First Rose Bowl Held in the Rose Bowl Stadium?

Answer: The USC Travelers versus the Penn State Nittany Lions

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that Penn State is returning to the Rose Bowl Stadium for this year’s game! This is Penn State’s fifth trip to the game in Rose Bowl history!

Question 4: Where Can You Find Rose Bowl Winners of Years Past at the Rose Bowl Stadium?

Answer: On the Rose Bowl Stadium’s south wall

Interestingly, the Rose Bowl Stadium only displays the coaches’ names of the winning teams. You can also check out the south wall’s plaques to see the names of game MVPs from years past.

Question 5: Whose Statue Stands in Front of the Rose Bowl Stadium’s South Wall?

Answer: Brandi Chastain

Brandi Chastain was the captain of the US women’s soccer team. She led her team to the FIFA World Cup in 1999 and secured a significant win. Soccer experts believe this is the game that popularized soccer in the US.

Looking for a Place to Watch the Rose Bowl and Play Rose Bowl Trivia?

We hope you enjoyed this Rose Bowl trivia. If you answered all the questions correctly, pat yourself on the back! You are clearly a Rose Bowl expert.

Are you searching for a place to watch the game on New Year’s Day? Bout Time Pub is the best place to watch the Rose Bowl. Find a pub near you today!