Demystifying Bout Time Food Ingredients: The Truth About What’s Really in Your Meal

Are you feeling hungry? It’s time to take a trip to your closest Bout Time for a bite to eat and a cold drink. What will you order this time? 

So many restaurants serve pre-made food; honestly, we think it’s easy to tell. That’s why our Bout Time food ingredients are fresh, and we make every meal to order.

So what can you expect from your next meal at Bout Time? First, let’s talk about it! Then, read on to learn more. 

Expect the Freshest Bout Time Food Ingredients 

We always use fresh ingredients in all of our Bout Time Meals

We use the freshest shrimp, cod, chicken, and beef that we can find. Our vegetables are always fresh and never frozen to ensure they have the best possible flavor when they make it to your plate. 

Whether you’re getting a tasty Philly cheesesteak, an excellent burger, or a mid-morning brunch omelet, you can trust that your meal is full of fresh and wholesome ingredients that weren’t left under a warming light before your arrival. 

Quality ingredients turn into quality food!

Hand-Crafted Every Time

We don’t just make your regular old bar food. We hand-make our delicious food in-house. That’s right, our fries are hand-cut, and our wings are hand-breaded. Everything is cooked to order for each guest, so it’s hot, fresh, and tasty.

Why do we go through the extra effort? Well, it tastes better! We make bar food we’d want to eat because we believe in going the extra mile for our customers and not cutting corners. 

Anyway, fresh food made by hand tastes better with an ice-cold beer, don’t you think? 

Let’s Talk About Language 

Of course, when we say that we make high-quality food with the freshest ingredients, we’re hoping that our customers understand that food names can seem confusing from time to time. English can be weird!

When we say “hamburger,” there’s no ham! Our burgers are 100% ground beef (though you can add ham if you so choose. Talk about a real “hamburger!”).  

Our French fries? Nothing French here! They’re all-American potatoes.

Yes, we’ve seen the case of that famous wing restaurant and their boneless “wings,” but we stand by our own delicious boneless wings. Our buffalo wings have delicious buffalo sauce but aren’t made from buffalo! They’re made from delicious chicken.

While chickens could never use our boneless wings to fly, they are still delicious, and to us, that’s what matters!

Eat a Great Meal at Bout Time

Bout Time may be a bar, but we take our food seriously! So when you dine with us, you’ll eat a homemade meal with the freshest ingredients. Trust us; you’ll taste the difference. 

So come down and have a hot meal and a cold beer with your friends! We can’t wait to serve you. 

Find your nearest Bout Time pub location and visit us today!