Bout Time Pub & Grub Story

More restaurants are turning to frozen foods than ever post-pandemic. Whether due to operational challenges or costs, it’s harder to find unique, scratch-made American food.

That’s something that Bout Time Pub and Grub has aimed to change from its inception. Bout Time’s pub chains are known for being made in-house with fresh, quality ingredients.

But where did Bout Time come from? Why is “never frozen” so crucial to them?

Find out why you should be careful about the restaurants you frequent. Learn the Bout Time Pub & Grub story here!

Bout Time Pub & Grub Story: The Beginning

Joe Fraser got his start in the restaurant business in 1977. However, he saw a change in the industry in the late ’90s.

Gone were the days when food and sauce were made from scratch. As an owner of a Ruby Tuesday franchise in Utah, Fraser saw first-hand the inauguration of pre-made frozen foods.

He wanted to find a way back to those original roots. Saddled with significant debt with Ruby Tuesdays, Fraser felt trapped.

One day, Fraser got a phone call during his wine lunch with friends. It was all about how poorly Ruby Tuesdays was doing.

That was the final straw. Fraser hung up the phone and noticed a corner spot available for lease on his way back to his restaurant.

Fraser called Rusty, the complex’s owner, to find out if he could lease it for his bar dream.

With the help of his friends, Fraser found himself the owner of Bout Time Pub & Grub. He was able to settle his debts with Ruby Tuesday to get out of that business. 

Becoming a Franchise

Fraser brought on his long-time friend, Tim Ryan, as his CFO. Together, they partnered to open more local pubs.

Once Fraser and Ryan opened six pubs, they decided to franchise. Fraser had previous experience managing franchise sites for TGIFs and Applebees.

He didn’t want to go back into that business. But, by franchising, he didn’t have to do that himself.

A Different Kind of Pub

Bout Time stands apart from the rest with our made-from-scratch meals. We utilize fresh meat and hand-sliced ingredients.

At Bout Time Pub & Grub, we don’t have a single microwave. We have a freezer the size of a residential refrigerator. Fraser explained, “The only thing frozen is onion rings because it’s better than what I can make myself.”

We also listen to our customers and consider their thoughts! Whether it be new menu items or what they want to watch on TV, Bout Time is all ears.

Overcoming Adversity

It was unheard of 20 years ago for one company to own 15 club licenses. No one believed we could do that.

Bout Time Pub & Grub is going head to head with other mom-and-pop bars and grills in the nation. The goal is to grow our business, debt free, with a great environment.

Bout Time’s Vision for the Future

Fraser’s vision for the future is always to “take care of the people that take care of us.” He chooses to grow his business from within.

Fraser wants to leave a legacy that empowers others to run their own businesses. He says, “Have fun and make money doing it.”

If this Bout Time Pub & Grub story has left your mouth watering, visit one of their unique pubs. Check out their hand-crafted menu!