Paws on the Patio: Dog Etiquette Tips for Enjoying Bout Time Pub and Grub’s Outdoor Seating

Recent studies show more than 48 million American households own a dog. When we hit the town and go out for a bite to eat, many of us look for dog-friendly pubs so we can bring our best friend. If you’re bringing your dog along, knowing dog etiquette is essential.

But what is dog etiquette, and why should it concern you? From leash manners to obedience, there’s plenty to know about dining out with your dog. Read on for a few tips on ensuring you can enjoy the Bout Time Pub & Grub ambiance.

Leash Manners

The first thing you should familiarize yourself with is leash manners. You may believe your dog is trained well enough that you don’t need a leash. While many dogs are trained enough to avoid the leash, you’ll still need to bring one while dining out with your dog.

You can’t control what other dogs do when you’re in a situation that features outdoor seating with dogs. Though your best friend may be on their best behavior, having them on a leash can help you in a bad situation. Should another dog that isn’t trained well enough begin interacting with yours, the leash will help you get your pup out of the problem if necessary.

In many situations, even the most well-trained dogs will need a leash. Keep your pup on a leash so you can easily handle them if needed.

Claim Your Spot

When it comes to outdoor seating with dogs, your seating is critical. Consider arriving before the main crowds so you can find a good seat.

A good seat for your pub includes sitting out of the easy reach of others. That way, your dog isn’t tempted to sniff everyone walking or sitting near you.

Doggy Dining

If you’re eating, your dog may need to as well! You’ll enjoy dog-friendly pubs more if you aren’t eating alone.

Ensure you bring snacks and a bowl of food for your dog. If they’re satiated, they’re less likely to act up or sniff after others. Bring a bowl for water as well, particularly during the summer heat.

Mind the Noise

Patios can get loud, and dogs tend to add to the noise. If your dog has a penchant for barking, it may begin to disrupt the outdoor space.

While a bark or two won’t ruin the ambiance, you must control your dog if they begin barking. Should your dog become too disruptive, it may ruin your meal.

Cleaning Up

Finally, dogs don’t quite have the same bathroom manners as us. It’s paramount that you let them relieve themselves before going to a restaurant.

Still, accidents happen. Make sure you’re carrying waste bags to handle any emergencies. Should your animal need to relieve itself, you must clean up the waste to maintain a pleasant and healthy environment.

Mastering Dog Etiquette

Understanding dog etiquette means letting your dog get used to socializing and wearing a leash. You should ensure your pup is trained and will follow any commands you may need to give them. With the proper training, you and your best friend can make the most of Bout Time Pub & Grub’s outdoor seating.

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