A Sports Fans’ Guide to the Winter X Games Aspen 2024

By Heather King

If you’re a sports enthusiast looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, then the Winter X Games are the perfect event for you! This extreme winter sports event was created in 1997 and has been held annually ever since. The Winter X Games are the premier event in extreme sports, and they showcase the skills of the world’s most talented winter athletes. Let’s learn more about the history of the Winter X Games and highlight some of the most exciting actions featured in the event.

History of the Winter X Games

The Winter X Games were first held in 1997 in Big Bear Lake, California, and have grown in popularity ever since. The event was created by ESPN as a way to showcase extreme winter sports and the athletes who compete in them. The first Winter X Games showcased five different sports and have now become one of the most popular extreme sports events in the world. Since 2002, Aspen, Colorado, has been the home of X Games, and 2024 will be the 23rd consecutive year that X Games has been held at the town’s Buttermilk Resort.

X Games Aspen 2024

Athletes in the X Games Aspen 2024 will compete in 16 disciplines across ski and snowboard sports. Men’s and women’s divisions in Slopestyle, Big Air, SuperPipe, and Knuckle Huck will be featured January 26-28, 2024.

The Big Air competition is always a fan favorite and features a 300-foot-long course with a massive 75-foot hybrid jump. Skiers and snowboarders launch themselves into the air to perform incredible tricks and stunts. Their performance is judged on difficulty, height, and style, and is always thrilling to watch.

Slopestyle runs a 1,700-foot-long course with a verticle drop of 290 feet. Competitors are judged on amplitude, execution, difficulty, variety and landings, and use of the seven features (specially designed jumps, rails, boxes, and other obstacles) on the course.

Competitors who excel in SuperPipe link tricks from wall-to-wall on the 567-foot-long halfpipe. SuperPipe is judged on combinations, flow, difficulty, amplitude, and execution across the 66-foot-wide pipe with 22-foot vertical walls.

Of all the events at the Winter X Games, Knuckle Huck might be the most unfamiliar. The Knuckle Huck competition is held on the Big Air course, but it’s used differently. Unlike the other timed events at X Games, knuckle huck is more freestyle, and competitors utilize the deck, rollover (knuckle), and landing area to perform their maneuvers—requiring precision, technique, and creativity. Knuckle Huck is judged on originality, difficulty, creativity, style, and trajectory.

Watch for these Thrilling Moments

Several firsts for the Winter X Games are expected this year. Women will join men in individual medal events in both ski and snowboard Knuckle Huck competitions. This comes after snowboarder Jamie Anderson competed alongside the men in 2021. 

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, the 21-year-old New Zealand snowboarder who took double gold last year when she landed back-to-back double corks, hopes to win double gold again. 

Calling Utah home after attending high school in Park City, 24-year-old Alex Hall will attempt to medal in four skiing disciplines after taking home Big Air gold, Slopestyle bronze, and Knuckle Huck bronze last year.

It’s sure to be an action-packed event to wrap up in January. 

Tune In to Winter X Games Aspen 2024

The ultimate thrill for winter sports enthusiasts, the Winter X Games Aspen showcases some of the world’s most talented and daring athletes as they push themselves to the limit. These events are not just about the competition but also about inspiring the next generation of winter sports athletes. The Winter X Games continue to evolve and grow, bringing new athletes and events to the forefront each year. So, if you’re looking for an action-packed event that will get your heart racing, pull up a seat at any of our neighborhood locations to watch this year’s Winter X Games from Aspen, Colorado 

January 26-28.

History and Highlights of the Utah Jazz 

Calling Utah home for more than four decades, the Utah Jazz have made their mark on the National Basketball Association (NBA) and fans the world over. With a record of 30 playoff appearances and two NBA Finals appearances, the Jazz have delivered some of the league’s most “nothing but net” moments, many of which were made possible by talented players and coaches. Join us as we tip off and revel in the most memorable moments and faces of the Utah Jazz.

The History of the Jazz

It’s well known that the Utah Jazz basketball team started as the New Orleans Jazz on April 22, 1974. The team name was, of course, synonymous with the famous jazz music played in New Orleans. They called New Orleans home for five seasons until the team was sold to a group of businessmen in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1979. The team became the Utah Jazz on June 26, 1979. 

While there was little connection to the music the team was originally named to celebrate, the double “z” of Jazz was carried forward into nearly every semi- or professional sports team name to call Utah home over the following decades.

The Utah Dream Team

The Utah Jazz have seen some great players wearing its colors over the years including Mark Eaton, Jeff Hornacek, and Deron Williams—with John Stockton and Karl Malone being two of the most important players in the team’s history. Stockton played 19 seasons with the Jazz and finished his career as the league’s all-time leading assist and steals leader. Malone played 16 seasons with the Jazz, and remembered as one of the best power forwards in NBA history. 

No team can exist without a great coach and Jerry Sloan was a legendary one. Sloan coached the Utah Jazz for 23 seasons and during his tenure was instrumental in the development of Stockton and Malone. Under his leadership, Stockton to Malone and the Utah Jazz made two NBA Finals appearances in 1997 and 1998. 

Dunking on some Utah Jazz Memorable Moments

Of all the games played by the Utah Jazz, the 1997 NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls still stands as one of the most memorable series. The Jazz, led by Karl Malone and John Stockton, were on the cusp of their first NBA title but lost to Michael Jordan and the Bulls in six games. 

More recently, in 2021, the Utah Jazz ended the NBA regular season with the leagues’ best record that landed them in the number one seed. Led by all-star Donovan Mitchell and the league’s Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert, the Jazz headed into the playoffs strong and ready. 

Let’s Make Some Noise for our Utah Jazz!

The Utah Jazz have seen plenty of time in the paint over the years. Although the team has yet to win an NBA championship, Jazz fans are lucky to have watched some of the most talented and entertaining basketball players to ever hit the court. 

As the team enters a new season, it’s time to grab your Jazz jersey and head over to your nearest neighborhood location and cheer on the Jazz with us!

Vodka: Historical Facts and Popular Drinks 

Although you might be familiar with vodka, that neutral spirit that can spike just about any beverage, what do you actually know about vodka? Today, we’re pouring some fascinating vodka facts. Not only will we be exploring vodka’s interesting history, but we’ll also be sharing some of our most popular vodka drinks. From classic martinis to trendy Moscow Mules, we’re covering it all. So grab a drink and let’s get started.

Vodka Origins

While vodka is most commonly associated with Russia and Eastern Europe, it’s now produced and enjoyed worldwide. The word “vodka” actually comes from the Russian word “voda,” which means water. Indeed, this clear and crisp spirit is primarily made of water and ethanol alcohol distilled from grains, potatoes and even grapes. 

Most experts agree that vodka dates back to at least the 14th century. In Russia, vodka was considered a symbol of national pride and was often used for medicinal purposes. The famous vodka brand Smirnoff was originally created in Moscow by Pyotr Smirnov in 1864. 

However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that vodka became a staple of the American drinking scene. In the 1950s and 60s, vodka was directly marketed to women who were looking for an alternative to heavy whiskey cocktails as a glamorous and sophisticated drink.

In 2020, the law defining what is legally vodka in America was updated to reflect changing tastes and the innovate spirit of craft distillers. Still, since vodka is known for being “neutral” in taste, it’s one of the most utilized spirits in a vast collection of delicious cocktail recipes. 

Classic Vodka Drinks

One of the most famous vodka drinks is, of course, the martini. Whether James Bond shaken or stirred, this simple cocktail is made with vodka, vermouth, and an olive or twist of lemon. 

Weekend football (and brunch) fans always love a classic Bloody Mary, which typically consists of vodka, tomato juice, spices, and garnishes like celery and olives. 

Looking for something a bit more refreshing? The Moscow Mule has become a heavy favorite in the past few years. Made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, this cocktail is served in a chilled copper mug.

Of course, there are plenty of other popular vodka drinks out there. The Cosmopolitan, made famous by the TV show “Sex and the City,” is a sweet and tangy mix of vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice. The Espresso Martini is a rich and indulgent cocktail made with vodka, fresh espresso, Kahlua, and simple syrup. And for those who prefer something a bit milder, the vodka soda or vodka tonic with a splash of lime are classic low-calorie options.

As vodka has grown in popularity, so have its variations. Flavored vodkas ranging from fruity and sweet to spicy and savory abound. Additionally, higher-end vodkas are now being filtered multiple times and made with premium ingredients. Whether you prefer a classic, no-frills vodka or something a bit more complex and robust, there’s definitely a vodka for everyone.

We hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the world of vodka and found it refreshing. Whether you’re sipping a classic martini or trying a wildly flavored vodka, we invite you to head over to your nearest neighborhood location and raise a glass with us!

Paws on the Patio: Dog Etiquette Tips for Enjoying Bout Time Pub and Grub’s Outdoor Seating

Recent studies show more than 48 million American households own a dog. When we hit the town and go out for a bite to eat, many of us look for dog-friendly pubs so we can bring our best friend. If you’re bringing your dog along, knowing dog etiquette is essential.

But what is dog etiquette, and why should it concern you? From leash manners to obedience, there’s plenty to know about dining out with your dog. Read on for a few tips on ensuring you can enjoy the Bout Time Pub & Grub ambiance.

Leash Manners

The first thing you should familiarize yourself with is leash manners. You may believe your dog is trained well enough that you don’t need a leash. While many dogs are trained enough to avoid the leash, you’ll still need to bring one while dining out with your dog.

You can’t control what other dogs do when you’re in a situation that features outdoor seating with dogs. Though your best friend may be on their best behavior, having them on a leash can help you in a bad situation. Should another dog that isn’t trained well enough begin interacting with yours, the leash will help you get your pup out of the problem if necessary.

In many situations, even the most well-trained dogs will need a leash. Keep your pup on a leash so you can easily handle them if needed.

Claim Your Spot

When it comes to outdoor seating with dogs, your seating is critical. Consider arriving before the main crowds so you can find a good seat.

A good seat for your pub includes sitting out of the easy reach of others. That way, your dog isn’t tempted to sniff everyone walking or sitting near you.

Doggy Dining

If you’re eating, your dog may need to as well! You’ll enjoy dog-friendly pubs more if you aren’t eating alone.

Ensure you bring snacks and a bowl of food for your dog. If they’re satiated, they’re less likely to act up or sniff after others. Bring a bowl for water as well, particularly during the summer heat.

Mind the Noise

Patios can get loud, and dogs tend to add to the noise. If your dog has a penchant for barking, it may begin to disrupt the outdoor space.

While a bark or two won’t ruin the ambiance, you must control your dog if they begin barking. Should your dog become too disruptive, it may ruin your meal.

Cleaning Up

Finally, dogs don’t quite have the same bathroom manners as us. It’s paramount that you let them relieve themselves before going to a restaurant.

Still, accidents happen. Make sure you’re carrying waste bags to handle any emergencies. Should your animal need to relieve itself, you must clean up the waste to maintain a pleasant and healthy environment.

Mastering Dog Etiquette

Understanding dog etiquette means letting your dog get used to socializing and wearing a leash. You should ensure your pup is trained and will follow any commands you may need to give them. With the proper training, you and your best friend can make the most of Bout Time Pub & Grub’s outdoor seating.

For more information, be sure to visit our site before visiting.

Bout Time Favorites You Need to Try On Your Next Visit

Did you know that the inspiration for the world’s first pub dates all the way back to 43 CE?

While pubs have come a long way since then, the sentiment has always been the same. Pubs are supposed to be fun places where you can gather with nice people and share amazing food and drinks.

At Bout Time, we have all kinds of pub food that will rock your world. Read on if you’d like to learn about five Bout Time favorites so you can figure out what to order during your next visit.

1. Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño poppers always hit the spot since they check off so many yummy flavor profiles. The pepper’s heat and the cream cheese’s richness will keep you reaching for more.

For extra decadence, we wrap our jalapeño poppers in bacon. This appetizer is the best way to fire up your appetite for more incredible dishes.

2. Irish Nachos

Nachos are a staple pub food, and you’ll love how we create ours. You can order traditional nachos with tortilla chips at our pub, but adventurous eaters like to try our Irish twist that uses sliced potatoes.

After our potatoes are fried to perfection, they’re topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream, and parsley.

3. Pacifico Beer

There’s nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of cold craft beer. At Bout Time Pub, you can find all kinds of delicious beer to quench your thirst. Pacifico beer is one of our customers’ favorites.

Make some plans to meet up with a bunch of your friends, and you can toast to all of the good times you’ve had and all that are coming.

4. B.A.B.B. Burger

No visit to a pub would be complete without sinking your teeth into a juicy burger. Once you try our B.A.B.B. burger, you’ll crave it all the time.

Our ground chuck patties are topped with gooey American cheese, sliced ham, corned beef hash, sliced bacon, and even a fried egg. Our soft burger buns are then smothered in savory garlic mayo to complete the gourmet experience.

5. Firecracker Shrimp

If you’re a seafood fan, then you haven’t lived until you try our addicting firecracker shrimp. We fry our shrimp until they’re nice and crunchy.

Once they’re fresh out of the fryer, we toss them in a creamy sauce that’s got a kick. If you need to cool off your taste buds, you can dip them in ranch or add some tang with a lime wedge.

You’ve Got to Try These Bout Time Favorites Soon

There are plenty of reasons to crave these Bout Time favorites. If you got hungry from reading this guide, then you can come over and join us for your next meal.At Bout Time Pub, we have an extensive menu filled with drinks, wings, pizza, sandwiches, and so much more. Spend some time browsing our different menus so you can plan your dream meal.

Super Bowl Preview (What to Watch and When)

It is Super Bowl LVII this year, or in layman’s terms – the 57th Super Bowl. And although we do not know who is playing yet, what we do know is when we will all be sitting around, stuffing our faces, screaming at the TV, and having the times of our lives.

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Here’s the Super Bowl preview that you need for 2023, as it is right around the corner.

When Is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl will be on Saturday, February 12, 2023. The time of the game is 6:30 pm ET.

Where Is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl will be in Arizona this year. It will take place at the State Farm Stadium, which is home to the Arizona Cardinals. 63,000 people can fit in the stadium.

Who Is Headlining at the Halftime Show?

The Halftime show at the Super Bowl is why half the people watch (not to mention the fun and hilarious commercials that often play as well).

In 2023, you can expect an outstanding halftime show with Rhianna as the headliner.

She last released an album in 2016 and had a child this year in May. She’ll be back up on stage and better than ever in just a few short months!

Who Could Be Playing in the Super Bowl?

Although there are no set teams playing in the Super Bowl this year, there are some teams that look to be doing really well. They have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

So who are these teams?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • San Francisco 49ers

These teams were all top of the line as predictions for the Super Bowl as they are all playing at their best this season. However, you truly never know until it comes down to it.

Where to Watch

If you aren’t planning to fly to Arizona to watch the Super Bowl this year, there are so many other places you can watch the game!

If you happen to be in Colorado or Utah, you can head on over to Bout Time Pub to watch the game and have some delicious pub food and drinks.

Staying at home? You can watch the game on FOX or stream on Hulu, YouTube TV, or FuboTV. If you do plan to stay home, just remember to grab your grub from our bar to enjoy delicious food while watching! 

2023 Super Bowl Preview

While we’re still waiting to know exactly who will be playing in the Super Bowl, this is a general Super Bowl preview to get you started thinking about the weekend ahead.

If you need a place to watch, remember to head on over to Bout Time Pub and Grub! We have everything you would want – from TVs to pub food to beer and cocktails.

You can check out locations here.

Sandwich Roundup (What to Eat at Bout Time on National Sandwich Day)

National Sandwich Day occurs on November 3rd this year and celebrates a delicious and convenient food that has become ingrained in our culture. Despite the sandwich’s modern-day popularity, though, we will probably never know who invented it. 

The earliest recorded sandwiches date back to Jewish culture over 2000 years ago. What we do know is that sandwiches were named after John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who popularized the idea sometime between the late 1600s and 1700s.

These days, there are many types of sandwiches, so everyone can find a sandwich they like. We’ll discuss some of the offerings at the Bout Time Pub and Grub Sandwich shop in this article.

The Reuben

Much like the sandwich in general, the origins of the Reuben are unclear. At least two people claimed to have invented the iconic combination of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing on rye bread.

One of them is Reuben Kulakofsky, a Nebraska grocer who invented the sandwich to feed his friends during card games. One of Reuben’s poker buddies owned a hotel and loved the sandwich so much that he began selling it to his guests. The other claimant, Arnold Reuben, was a restaurateur in New York who served something similar to a Reuben.

Kulakofsky and Reuben may have been some of the first people to serve Reuben sandwiches, but they’re far from the only ones. You can also find Reuben sandwiches on our menu at Bout Time Pub and Grub sandwich shop. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed.

Philly Cheesesteak

This sandwich was invented in its namesake city of Philadelphia. The basic ingredients for a cheesesteak are slices of steak, cheese, and bread. In some variations, including ours, add onions and peppers.

The Philly Cheesesteak has a fascinating history, with some claiming that the original Cheesesteak sandwich was just a steak sandwich. The cheese wasn’t added until later. Another fascinating episode happened in the 1930s when one Cheesesteak mogul started a rumor that he was using horse meat rather than beef and dared people to prove the rumor true.

Shrimp Po’Boy

The next classic sandwich on our list was born half a nation away from Philadelphia, in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. A shrimp po’boy is the quintessential Louisiana dish, combining French influence with seafood offerings from right off the coast, and the splash of heat that Cajun food is known for.

It uses French bread and a French remoulade sauce drizzled over fried shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced pickles, and, in some cases, hot sauce.

Our own version of the shrimp po’boy ditches the pickles and hot sauce and puts it all on a hoagie roll. A few small changes, but they don’t take away from the flavor.

What and Where to Eat on National Sandwich Day

With National Sandwich Day approaching, it’s important to talk about the sandwiches that helped define America’s food culture. We’ve talked about a few of these sandwiches here, but there are many more.

You can learn more at our site or by dropping by our restaurant. We have several locations in Colorado and Utah.

FIFA World Cup: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

The FIFA World Cup has long been hailed as the pinnacle of world soccer. But, for any child playing the magical sport, the ultimate dream is to put on your country’s colors and play in front of millions watching. 

With that said, the World Cup is rich in history, and with every edition comes surprises that shock the world. Read on below to learn about five interesting FIFA World Cup facts that you probably didn’t know!

FIFA World Cup’s Most Successful Teams

Most people know Brazil has won the world cup a record five times in their history. However, few people know is that only eight countries have won the world cup. Such is the tournament’s difficulty that only Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, Italy, and France have managed to conquer the world. 

Oldest Player to Score in a World Cup

Cameroonian player Roger Miller has the record of being the oldest player to ever score a FIFA World Cup goal. Against Russia in the 1994 edition, Roger Miller became the oldest scorer at the ripe old age of 42 years old. 

Most Goals by One Player in a Match

In the same match that Roger Miller scored his record goal, Cameroon lost the game 6-1. Russian striker Salenko having bagged 5 of those goals for himself, which is still a record that has yet to be beaten. 

Highest Scoring Defeat

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go so well for some teams at the tournament. El Salvador has the most unwanted record of being the team to suffer the highest-scoring defeat at the World Cup. They were thrashed 10-1 by Hungary in the group stages of the tournament. 

Funny enough, Hungary could not progress past the group stage. El Salvador, as expected, didn’t go on to win any games. 

The Success of the Home Team

There is something to be said for home team advantage. Playing on home soil, with thousands of spectators cheering for you, provides the home team with a significant advantage. This can be seen in the record books, with home teams doing surprisingly well over the years. 

Barring South Africa in 2010, every home team has gone on to the last 16 of the tournament, while a host nation has won the tournament six times. The countries that overcame the pressure were Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1934, England in 1966, West Germany in 1974, Argentina in 1978, and most recently, France in 1998. 

A Fairy-Tale Tournament

For many nations vying to win the tournament, the FIFA World Cup is not only a competition to see who is the best at that moment but is a tournament where dreams are made and lost. However, who knows what the future holds and who might get to carve their names into the history books?

Are you looking for a pub to watch the 2022 edition in? Don’t miss any of the action at Bout Time Pub & Grub.

8 Delicious Appetizers to Try at ‘Bout Time Pub and Grub

Did you know that two out of five people need to get an appetizer when they go out to eat to complete the dining experience?

With so many fun appetizer types out there, it’s nice having the option to sample a bunch of smaller dishes to treat your taste buds. This is why ‘Bout Time Pub and Grub offers a fantastic array of appetizers to indulge in whenever you visit.

Would you like to know more about the delicious appetizers that you can order here? Then, read on for the ultimate breakdown so you can figure out what you want to try first.

1. Triple Dip

Out of all of the different types of appetizers out there, we can all agree that dips are essential. Why settle for one when you can have three, though? When you order our triple dip, you can dip crunchy tortilla chips into queso, guacamole, and jalapeno dips.

2. Grand Slam

Another hit on the ‘Bout Time’ menu is our grand slam. This dish allows you to sample four mouthwatering appetizers. Our chicken wings, onion rings, fried pickle chips, and stuffed jalapenos will make you feel like royalty.

3. Jumbo Soft Pretzel

Jumbo soft pretzels have always been one of the most popular appetizers at sports bars. They’re simple, but they always hit the spot when you pair them with a cold beer.

4. Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Philly cheesesteaks and egg rolls are both phenomenal foods. If you like the idea of combining both into one epic appetizer, then you can make your dreams come true by visiting our pub. You won’t believe how decadent our steak, onions, peppers, and cream cheese taste after it’s fried in a crispy egg roll and dipped into A1 ranch sauce.

5. Hat Trick

In case you can’t tell already, ‘Bout Time Pub & Grub’ loves to bring people together with good food. This is why we also offer the hat trick, which is another shareable combo that gives you beef, chicken, and shrimp skewers served on a bed of fries. You have the option to have the skewers grilled or battered and fried.

6. Quesadillas

Quesadillas are the ultimate comfort food, and you’ll love the way we make ours. Your quesadilla will be stuffed with your choice of chicken or steak, lots of cheese, and refreshing pico de gallo. Once everything is perfectly melted and browned, the quesadilla is topped with guac, salsa, and sour cream.

7. Garlic Fries

French fries always hit the spot, but you’re missing out if you’ve never elevated this food before. Our garlic fries are prepared with fresh garlic and our signature house dipping sauce. You can always settle for traditional fries as well.

8. Bacon-Wrapped Olives

One of our most unique appetizers is our bacon-wrapped olives. The large green olives are stuffed, wrapped in bacon, fried to a golden brown, then seasoned with Cajun spices. They’re served with bleu cheese dressing.

Are You Ready to Try These Delicious Appetizers?

Did this article make you hungry? Now you can get excited to try all of our delicious appetizers.

Ready to plan your next visit? Check out our locations to find a restaurant near you.

The 4 Most Popular Cocktails to Order in Bout Time Pub and Grub

Sports bars aren’t all beer and shots! Well, at least ours isn’t. We made our drink menu to cater to everyone who walks through our door, including sports fanatics and their family/friends. 

But don’t take it from us! Instead, read up on the Bout Time Pub and Grub Cocktails that we make most often below. 

1. Moscow Mule 

You either love a Moscow Mule, or you hate it. There aren’t many people who are in between on this copper-mug classic. You may not know that this drink is what brought Vodka to popularity in the US, as opposed to eastern Europe, where it gets its name. 

A classic mule contains vodka, ginger beer, ice, and lime. Our classic mule is still one of the most popular choices at Bout Time, but we like to give people options. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make it fruity with peach vodka (A Peach Mule) or make it all-American with Jack Daniels’ instead of vodka.

Feeling even spicier? Make it a Tennesee Fire Mule with Jack Daniel’s version of cinnamon whiskey. The combination of the cinnamon and the ginger beer makes this a fun, warm, and comforting cocktail. 

Or better yet, make it a goal to try them all as a devout Pub and Grub patron! 

2. Grape Lime Rickey 

Some drinks get their names from where they’re from (see above), while others get their names from what’s in them, like our house favorite Grape Lime Rickey. This cocktail is both sweet and sour, making it the perfect thing to take the edge off of a long day. 

It’s fruity without being girly and one of our most-ordered drinks. Our Rickey’s include Three Olives Grape flavored vodka, gape pucker, lemon-lime soda, and freshly-squeezed lime juice. 

If you loved grape soda as a kid, you’ll love this version all-dressed up in a cocktail glass. Pairs perfectly with a jumbo soft pretzel. 

3. Dragon’s Nectar 

Looking for something that is a vacation in a cup? Dragon’s Nectar will make you feel like you’re at the beach and give you a kick to get through those late-night games with a splash of Red Bull. 

Think of it as a grown-up fruit punch meets a Red Bull and vodka. It’s the perfect drink to start the evening when you’re in for a long match or want to hold out all night for a late-night fight. 

Careful though, this drink is so good, it goes down fast! 

4. Bout Time Freshest Margarita

Looking for something that’s not going to push you over your calories for the day but is more exciting than a vodka soda? Our house margarita is made “skinny” with El Jimador Silver, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, and agave nectar for the perfect sweetness. 

Paired with our Queso or Stuffed Jalapenos, it’s perfection. 

Bout Time Pub and Grub Cocktails

Now that you’ve taken a look at our most popular cocktails, what are you waiting for? Come on down and try our best drinks, then see which of these is your favorite. 

Bout Time Pub and Grub cocktails turn a good night into a great night. Come and see